Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Looking to do something exciting for your next birthday? Grab a group of friends and immerse yourselves in the adventures of our Melbourne escape rooms. The challenging puzzles will get your brain buzzing and adrenaline pumping – and only the very best are able to solve the clues to escape.

People of all ages love having their birthdays at Woodbury Escape Rooms. It’s a guaranteed hour of fun with your family or friends that people rave about for ages after the event.

There are four themed rooms to choose from and, whether you crack the puzzles or not, you’ll want to come back to try them all out.

We can also help to organise a surprise party, play a ‘happy birthday’ song, hide the birthday presents in a room or incorporate other creative ideas you come up with to make the birthday celebration a blast. Plus we host anniversaries, proposals, date nights … you name it.

Step into another world for a while. We dare you!

  • Tues–Thurs $36 (for 5 or more people)
  • Fri–Sun $40 (for 5 or more people)
  • Price includes game + medal + photo + free 1 adult supervision per room for kids under 16 years old
  • 50% deposit upfront, remainder due 1 week before

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