The Woodbury Escape Rooms experience


Come immerse yourself

Woodbury Escape Rooms is created by escape room enthusiasts and video gamers who have taken their love for gaming a bit too far. At Woodbury Escape Rooms we want to provide you, our guinea pigs, we mean guests, the chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, immerse yourself in our games and most importantly, have fun!

Collaboration is key, so pick your team carefully. Then choose your challenge and immerse yourself in 60 minutes of exciting entertainment. But beware – it’s addictive and once you’ve solved one puzzle you’ll want to do them all.

How the game works


In order to escape you must first be locked up, You will find yourself locked in an unfimiliar room with little knowledge of whats to come

Time is running out

Did we mention you only have 1 hour to escape? Will you get out in time or do we need to escort you out?

Your Team

Pick a team of 2 - 8 people. You will need to rely on your team members to solve the puzzles so pick wisely

Brain teaser

Get ready to work your brain out. Its all about searching for clues and solving puzzles and challenges. How do you play the game is up to you but remember to use your 4 senses: sight, hearing, smell and touch. Good luck!